This page will display the different committees within our community. Please consider joining a group so that we can improve the development.

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This committee will review all aspects addressing our community aesthetics and any rules and regulations governing any and all maintenance and/or improvements. This committee report to the Board of Directors.

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This committee utilizes computer mediated tools that allow homeowners to share and exchange information and oversees communications to homeowners.

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This committee will review all Mayfair Basic Governing Documents and will make revision recommendations it determines would be beneficial to the community at large. This committee will report directly to the Board Of Directors.

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This committee will provide the managment company with supporting information/documentation during off hours about code violations.

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Neighborhood Watering

This committee will research, determine costs and how our community can take advantage of and utilize our lakes as an alternative source of water for our lawns.

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This committee will work with the local police and determine what general safety policies our community should follow.

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Social Events

This committee will be responsible for planning and coordinating all community events. This committee will report directly to the Board of Directors.

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