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The Enforcement Committee will assist our Property Management Company enforce our Bylaws by providing addresses and violations committed after-hours as well as violations not readily apparent to them while conducting their normal monthly property inspections. The intention is not to be adversarial but with the intention of upholding our regulations/Bylaws as well as addressing safety issues, sanitation issues, and preventing infractions which would negatively affect our collective property values.

For example if a homeowners post light is out for any length of time it would pose a safety issue as we do not have any street lights and depend on our homeowners to maintain these lights in good working order. If they are unaware the bulb is out and several homes in a row have that same issue, it creates a large area that is blacked out. With insufficient light it puts homeowners and their families at risk while walking through the community after dark as we also have no sidewalks in the community and have no option but to walk in the road way along with cars. A list of homes in violation would be provided to the Property Manager who would then inform the homeowner to rectify this problem, along with how this would be addressed if it were not corrected within a given timeframe. In the past if the request to correct this issue by changing the light bulb was ignored, the management company would then change the bulb and bill the homeowner $25.00 for this service. This was a very effective way to eliminate this issue. Of course if there is another reason for the offense and the homeowner has attempted to correct this unsuccessfully, the committee could then assist the homeowner by troubleshooting the problem, or suggesting they contact an electrician.

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