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This committee is responsible for reviewing all of the Basic Governing Documents, i.e. Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, taking into consideration restrictions set forth within those of our master association, Terramar Master Association, whose umbrella we fall under. This committee, is also accountable and reports directly to, the Board of directors. The following communities comprise the Terramar Master Association: Carriage Homes, Millrun, Mayfair, Whittier Oaks, Turnbridge, Lakes at Parkland, and Parkwood.

Our Basic Governing Documents include:
Articles of Incorporation establish basic information about the Association, it's name, location, purpose and is how an association is created before a development is planned or units within that development are sold. Each purchaser of property in a development automatically becomes a member of the Association and by buying in that development acknowledges they will abide by the Associations rules and regulations.

Bylaws are the rules by which an association is run. They establish voting rights and procedures, rules governing meetings, describe the Association's rights and responsibilities, enforcement of rules and regulations, all aspects regarding assessments, and establish procedures for creating annual budgets as well as determining assessment amounts.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, contain the most comprehensive and most important information about the development and operation of the Association and it's members. This document establishes common areas, and rules and regulations governing them, as well as the rules and regulations and restrictions on the use of each owner’s individual property that the association member must abide by. The declarations also provide procedures for amending our documents.

All owners should already be in possession of these documents. If you do not have one, please contact our property manager to obtain a copy. There is a nominal charge for making a copy of this document, payable directly to the management company, due upon receipt.

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