Welcome to Mayfair at Parkland

We are a lovely small community on the east side of Parkland,
with 245 homes and lots of different activities for everyone.

Community News

Amy Cook as been appointed to the board of directors after the resignation of Noel Behrmann in November. Board member Alan Shapiro will assume the responsibilities of Secretary vacated by Noel. The following people make up the board of directors:

Steve Capandonis
Alan Shapiro
Amy Cook

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Here is the Mission & Vision Statement from the Board of Directors: Mission Statement


Want to help make Mayfair better, volunteer your time and be on a committee? The board of directors needs your help.

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The Wedge

This is a very important topic to all homeowners, please see our blog on this subject. We ask that everyone try to participate in the discussion. We are going to need EVERYONE's help on this.

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Help the board of director's out by providing input into how you see the community. Use our suggestion box feature to help the Board of Director's stay on top of things.

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