Committee Detail

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This committee can write up blurbs about various board members, what they do, and how it helps the community on the different social media like Facebook, Tweeter, etc. They can also highlight any homeowner within the community and their contributions to the community that enhances it in someway. Recognizing the homeowners achievements is a nice way to show thanks and to share their efforts with the rest of the community who might other wise not recognize their effort. This might in turn motivate more homeowners to actively participate in the community and engage other homeowners to help. Additionally this would be a way to assist the events committee by soliciting opinions of the residents as to the type of events they are interested in, such as community garage sales, block parties, community parties, or obtaining feedback/input for the BOD on various issues that affect the community. Photos of these events could be obtained by this committee and passed along to the webmaster for the communities website so that they may be posted for all to view.

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