Mayfair Forum Rules

The Mayfair at Parkland forums was created as a supplement to the communities official website, to address specific issues from homeowners to the Board of Directors(BOD) and the Property Manager (PM). Any grievances you have can either be directed to the BOD or PM or the Facebook Group if need be; however responses to your issues will only be addressed by the utilization of the official forums.

The Facebook group is available to all residents (you must sign up for access) where ideas, company references/recommendations, and solutions can be shared by the entire community. Because of legal reasons, the BOD and PM are NOT allowed to respond to any requests or give opinions about possible resolutions on Facebook. This is the reason for the creation of the Mayfair at Parkland Forums.

All residents (who have signed up on the website) will have access to the forums including all current and closed inquiries that may apply to their situation.

The following rules apply to the use of the forums:

  1. The BOD and PM have complete control over the forum and may perform editing on any posting that is offensive in either language and/or substance. A posting may be removed if the BOD/PM determine these postings meet either of these criteria.

    a. No responses or further requests can be performed on either topic or postings once that topic has been closed.
    b.The BOD/PM will try to respond to inquiries within a timely fashion as their schedules permit.

  2. By using the forums, you agree to all the above rules as they have been stated.

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